English poet and painter William Blake once said:  “Great things are done when men and mountains meet” …
When one decides to make a major investment in a new or expanded business, it calls for the need to bring in the best of all talents to ensure the venture is well positioned from day one.  And to create this position, one must understand and invest in the science of marketing – that although seems counter-intuitive – starts with the discovery of who the potential customers are – and how to effectively reach them – within the vast assortment of resources that are available today.

 Here’s how we moved this mountain.

The Mission

Located on the north shore of Lake Tahoe is the small yet very prestigious community of Incline Village.  As owners of their local ski area, they decided to invest in a major expansion.  Our Mission: re-brand and launch the largest ski resort expansion at Lake Tahoe for what was once a small community ski area.

Mission Accomplished

Within a year’s time, the marketing and sales initiatives resulted in a 250% increase in group business, an 11% increase in net revenue, $800,000 secured in partnership funding and media exposure estimated at over $2 million in value.

Scope of Client Services

(Circa: 1986 – prior to the internet and social marketing)

  • comprehensive annual sales and marketing plan
  • brand development for new name/logo/positioning statement
  • budget research, development and management
  • advertising design, research, negotiation and placement
  • brochure design, copywriting  and distribution
  • press release development and distribution
  • press conference coordination
  • community outreach
  • targeted direct mail [content development, design, distribution]
  • trade show research and participation
  • groups sales initiatives
  • corporate/incentive programs
  • sponsorship solicitation and partnerships
  • special event creation and production