In the dizzying world of technology, we make our message perfectly clear.

When it comes to demystifying the art and science of digital marketing, we get going.  To effectively reach an audience today, you need to employ a more comprehensive approach; one that is not property specific, is data-based, and is much better suited to how people actually interact with and consume their content.

Here’s to sexy floors, and so much more.


The Mission

Reposition this family-owned “ma and pa” looking company into a brand that shouted a professional status with superior product and services.

Mission Accomplished

This  Nevada based company offers high end flooring products yet lives in a very competitive world.  With a very tight market base.  That said, our undertaking had to include extensive research into their market’s needs and buying trends.  Once established, it was obvious that we needed to develop a very integrated marketing program to meet and exceed our mission at hand.

What once looked like a family run operation is now significantly rebranded as a professionally run operation that offers the finest service, products and guarantees in the market.

Scope of Client Services

  • comprehensive Macom program
  • brand development for new name/logo/positioning statement
  • budget research, development and management
  • Website
  • Blog [content development, copywriting, posting]
  • SEO research and analysis
  • Google advertising
  • Facebook posting and advertising
  • E-News [design, content development, publishing and E-Club management]
  • advertising design, research, negotiation and placement
  • brochure design, copywriting  and distribution
  • press release development and distribution
  • targeted direct mail [content development, design, distribution]