Just as there are no preset formulas to life, there are no rules about how to use one’s imagination to bring things to life.

We strongly believe in the power of pictures and words and the magic they can create when positioned for the right target markets. And we champion the fact that the deepest meaning of the message is only fully exposed when you have your markets’ full attention.

This one was in the can.

The Mission

Create a community and industry-wide celebration, formal Christening and product launch of a new 3,500 passenger ship in Seattle, WA.

Mission Accomplished

Although there were many sales and marketing initiatives within this year-long event that we would be honored to tell you about, we had some favorites.

For the announcement ~

The key community, trade industry and media contacts received a ‘bump in the envelope’ invitation that was a standard paint can that was splashed with the colors used throughout the ship; inside contents included fabric swatches, menus, entertainment scheduled and a complete press information.  Results exceeded our client’s expectations with lead stories in the top travel trades, consumer travel sections and record attendance at all launch-related events.

For the Christening ~

We created a gourmet chef cook-off and brought in fresh fish from Alaska (the ship’s first cruise destination) along with local produce.  Each chef was given appropriate time to prepare their finest faire which was then served at community-wide black-tie dinner/fund-raiser.  Collectively, the event raised over $150,000 which Sitmar matched with an announcement at the official Christening.

Scope of Client Services

  • all-inclusive product launch [plan, budget and implementation]
  • comprehensive special event [plan, budget and implementation]
  • creative, copy-writing, design and distribution of event invitations & media materials  
  • brochure design, copywriting  and distribution
  • press conference coordination
  • Seattle Chef’s Association representation
  • targeted direct mail [content development, design, distribution]
  • community outreach