It is often said that more creative one can be, the more attention one will create.

History notes that we accomplished our mission. Fortunately for our clients, our tool box overflows with ideas from the most traditional to the most advanced.

For Stepps, we chose to walk the streets.

The Mission

Develop a new brand – wrapped within a comprehensive trade and consumer advertising campaign and Grand Opening – for a new four-star restaurant located within a very competitive neighborhood.

Mission Accomplished

With 40 restaurants competing for the downtown Los Angeles dining clientele, we were challenged to create a fresh and imitable position for the new Stepps restaurant atop the legendary Bunker Hill.

And its popularity started with a bowl of crayfish.

There is so much to share with this classic Guerilla marketing campaign that it is best explained face to face. Yet for some highlights … the campaign included the delivery of live crayfish (complete with bowl and water) to morning drive time radio D.J.s – accompanied with a Bib inscribed with the “Top 10 Ways to Properly Devour Crawfish” (written in Erma Bomback style).

Scope of Client Services

  • comprehensive annual advertising plan
  • brand development/logo/positioning statement
  • creative Guerilla campaign (Crayfish a’ la Erma Bomback)
  • complete special event plan and production
  • budget research, development and management
  • brochure design, copywriting  and distribution
  • press release, distribution, press conference coordination
  • community outreach

History notes that what we accomplished our mission; for years during the days junk bond kings and yellow power ties it was the “must be seen scene” where young professionals exchanged business cards and glances while sipping Coronas topped with lime wedges.