The art of Storytelling predates writing – when one needed to listen and then share what they heard.  We still do that today.

Copywriting is portrayed as something of a dark art by those in the industry, but in truth there is no mystery to the subject; the basic elements remain the same yet one has to have a commanding understanding of how and when to write within today’s ever-changing world of communication.

With Casa Magdelana, we infused the best of both worlds.

The Mission

Our clients built a beautiful estate in the historic town of San Miguel de Allende. In addition to enjoying this spectacular home, they decided to open it up for visitors.  Our Mission:  brand, launch and create a comprehensive sales and marketing plan for this magnificent property.

Mission Accomplished  

Today Rancho Santa Gloria hosts visitors from around the world.  From individual couples, to corporate groups and wedding parties, this estate has become one of the most sought-after properties in San Miguel de Allende.

Scope of Client Services

  • comprehensive annual sales and marketing plan
  • brand development for new name/logo/positioning statement
  • budget research, development and management
  • Website
  • Blog [content development, copywriting, posting]
  • SEO research and analysis
  • Google advertising
  • Facebook posting and advertising
  • E-News [design, content development, publishing and E-Club management]
  • advertising design, research, negotiation and placement
  • brochure design, copywriting  and distribution
  • press release development and distribution
  • press conference coordination
  • community outreach
  • targeted direct mail [content development, design, distribution]